We are the API between your vacancies and the best talent in the market.

Why us?

Simple. Organisations come to us when they can’t afford to get it wrong anymore.

Hiring, training and re-hiring is a big investment in both time and money for everyone involved.

We pride ourselves in building long-lasting partnerships with our clients and candidates alike. We really get to know your organisation, your values, mission and long-term vision as well as our candidates, which qualifies us as the perfect matchmakers.

We are here to partner with you, understand your organisational culture and team dynamics and leadership style and don’t just match a CV with your role description. Our approach is holistic, value and purpose-driven and with a strong focus on the soft skills evaluation of our candidates. This significantly contributes to our clients finding dedicated professionals who enjoy coming to work and are a great fit for the team and the organisation – beyond just being able to the job well. This forms the baseline of long-term commitment.

IT & Business Transformation – Executive Recruitment Experts

We guide organisations through every step of:

Our expertise includes a rich history of demonstrable experience assisting clients in various environments. These include:

Our Team

We are a diverse team, encompassing multiple nationalities, cultural backgrounds and life experiences.

We believe in collaboration, looking after each other and being part of the solution, every time. We continuously operate in an inclusive, supportive culture which shines through in all our engagements with our clients and candidates alike.

We are specialised across all ICT skillsets. We understand that the best way for us to be successful, is to make you successful. Whether it is contract, permanent, fixed-term, part- or full-time, we’re here to partner with you long-term, really get to know your business, team dynamics and organisational culture as well as your short- and long-term goals – and recruit professionals who will naturally support all of the above.

We know there are no right or wrong personalities, characteristics, skillsets, talents – our job is to be the perfect matchmaker for the opportunity and the talent.

We’re always here to help.


Jim Colonas

Managing Partner

For over 12 years, Jim has worked with CEOs and Managing Directors to identify problems in their organisations, structures, sales teams and processes, helping them to turn their organisations around by drawing the line on poor performance and setting their companies up for success.

With 22 years of senior management and executive leadership experience, Jim built an IT business before orchestrating its sale and subsequently moving into executive recruitment with Morgan & Banks. He went on to build a successful IT recruitment business for them in Brisbane, before managing several other market leading recruitment organisations.
His executive recruitment career culminated in being appointed to the senior executive management team of Australia’s largest publicly listed Consulting & Recruitment services company.

Jim became very interested in what made some salespeople perform so much better than others and how to best facilitate such outcomes more widely.

Jim’s passion for helping and developing people led him to study the science and psychology of sales and becoming a Master Neuro Strategist and certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor. Jim continues to shed light on why organisations are not growing and assists senior leaders to deliver revenue improvement and recruitment outcomes that really work.


Ricardo Barriga

Resources Manager

With over 18 years’ experience within the Australian and Asian sector under his belt, Ricardo Barriga specialises in recruiting Executive, Leadership and Sales roles to our clients internationally. He has worked in various private sectors including Information Technology, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Banking and Finance and public sectors including state and local government.

After starting early in his career as an employee of one of Australia’s largest energy providers, Ricardo moved to Japan and started working for the Japanese Government. After several years of invaluable experience, he was headhunted by a Tokyo based American/Japanese firm which lead to him consulting to a handful of government departments such as Education and Training, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Japan Self Defence Force, and private companies such as ANA (All Nippon Airways) and Fujitsu.

On his return home, Ricardo worked effectively and successfully as an IT recruiter representing one of the largest IT consulting firms in Australia. After numerous successes, he became even more intrigued in the psychology behind the recruitment of successful people. Having already obtained a Bachelor of Languages and Applied Linguistics and a Graduate Diploma in Training, Ricardo has continued to acquire qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, solution selling and has extended his study to include Emotional Intelligence. 

With his vast experience in psychological based recruitment and resourcing, Ricardo has developed a unique recruitment process, coupled with sales and emotional intelligence assessments, delivering outstanding results.


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